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    Hi Found this article earlyer on today

    Speed Up File Access on a Peer to Peer Network XP

    Are you having problems with slow file access over a peer to peer network? Does it take forever for your Windows XP computer to access files over the network? If so, it might be a "Quality of Service" problem (QoS). Jim Faliveno tells us that one of his ace employees, John McCarthy, discovered that disabling QoS on the Windows XP machine fixes the problem! Here's how you do it:

    1. Click Start and click the Control Panel.
    In the Control Panel window, make sure you're in Classic View. If you're in Category View, click the link on the left side of the window that says Switch to Classic View.
    2. Double click the Network Connections icon to open the Network Connections applet. 4. Right click on the Local Area Connection entry in the Network Connections window. Click the Properties command.
    3. Click on the General tab in the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box. Scroll through the list of items in the This connection uses the following items list and find the QoS Packet Scheduler entry. Click the checkbox to remove the checkmark. Click OK.
    You might notice a momentary disconnection from the network, but it should come back quickly. Let us know if this tip helps you out!

    well i can say it worked for my ive noticed a big difference with downloads and uploads

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    how big of the difference this makes?

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    AFAIK, that won't make any difference for normal home users as that's a service used primarily in businesses and stuff (or in other words, server/network environments)

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    The term QoS refers to a broad collection of networking technologies and techniques. The goal of QoS is to provide guarantees on the ability of a network to deliver predictable results. Elements of network performance within the scope of QoS often include availability (uptime), bandwidth (throughput), latency (delay), and error rate.

    QoS generally involves prioritization of network traffic. QoS can defined in terms of the total network "pipe," in terms of a given server's or router's performance, or in terms of specific applications. A network monitoring system must typically be deployed as part of QoS, to insure that networks are performing at the desired level.

    QoS is an increasingly important area of research and development in computer networking. It is especially important for the new generation of Internet applications such as video-on-demand and other consumer services. Some core Internet technologies like Ethernet were not designed to support prioritized traffic or guaranteed performance levels, making it much more difficult to implement QoS solutions.

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    I'll be the guinny pig. I rarely get dl speeds like i should. Im willing to try stuff. I just changed the settings. Will let you know if there is a marked improvement.


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