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Thread: Running Emulators on Xbox

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    This thread will be here for people asking questions about emulators and how they work work on the Xbox. Hopefully there will be people answering these questions so try to keep this up in the frums for a while

    My question would be for those who have fce ultra v16. I wanna know if you need to create a Saves folder and a roms folder and where to put these things.
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    I got this Psx Emu for the X-Box, but whenever I try to run a game from cd it just crashes.
    I don't know the name of the emu, but in the background is sound from Castlevania: SOTN. Plus some pic from the game. Anybody can help me? Thanx for your time.


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    Don't think real PSX games work on Xbox Playstation emulators. Copys only, or from the hard drive.

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    im not into psx emulation on the xbox... but mad cat is right...

    you have to make a bin image out of the game using the pc, and then copy it to the xbox hd...

    or burn the bin to a cd with the emulator in the same disc...

    im not sure thou..
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    Thanks alot.
    Now, how to make copies or bin??
    Can I use DVD2X-box??


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