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Thread: Lord Of The Rings Vs Star Wars

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    Lord of the rings!
    And after I saw "twin towers" it spoiled me for any other movie!
    I mean, how do you top that?!

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    Yes... its called the emotional roller coaster of Empire Strikes Back. The loss of friends... the treachery... the darling yoda... the AT-AT's.... The first confrontation of the father and son... and of course, the revelation of just that.... an ending that left you wondering, for 3 years... was it true...

    Gimme empire any day... but TT was certainly spectacular.

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    star wars 4-5-6 for sure... but don't think it's an honest comparission..

    let's say it's a draw, different genres both very good,

    we're just so lucky to watch them all.....

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    LOL jetje, that's why you're a mod - such impartiality!

    I don't think LOTR can compare yet to Star Wars - Star Wars had that amazing something that can't quite be reached by Lord Of The Rings yet, it's difficult to say quite what it is.

    But time will tell - I don't think people will still be talking about LOTR in 25 years the same way we talk about Star Wars now.

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    No comparrison Star Wars.....LOTR can only hope to get&keep the sort of cult following that Star Wars has gained over the years.

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    I would usualy say Star Wars but with the latest two attempts sadly George Lucas has lost it
    so Lord of the Rings perhaps now

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    I Think it is a bit early for comparission.

    If you beleive the hype the best part is yet to come. after that you can judge for yourself which is better.

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    awe cmon,
    star wars has been completely ruined in the last 2 episodes (even ROtheJedi)
    george lucas is an idiot. he had the oportunity to make the greatest
    story ever told and he sold out. he decided to make them for kids
    in complete contrast to the way empire played out. basically
    he had a choice when he started the new projects. keep the
    stories integrity, or make as much money as possible.
    he chose to sell out. shame on george lucas.
    i still watch them though. lol

    LOTR - may very well be the greatest fantasy movie of all time.

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    LOTR is way better than Star Wars. The above is right George Lucas has sold out and the last two attempts at Star Wars were terrible compared to 4,5,6

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    Originally posted by kooky_kramer@2 April 2003 - 19:11
    LOTR is way better than Star Wars. The above is right George Lucas has sold out and the last two attempts at Star Wars were terrible compared to 4,5,6
    Don't get me wrong, I grew up with star wars, and I love episodes 4-5-6- but the new ones leave much to be desired, and the time has come for a new epic!
    Lord of the rings is simply a cut above!

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