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    I am only familiar with Windows...

    Can anyone tell me how Linux works and I have seen many different "kinds?" of Linux OS like RedHat and Mandrake.. What are these and how are they different? What is the best one? Which one has an interface most like windows? Where can I get these?

    Any information will help! .. (other than "stay with windows" )

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    stay with windows

    no seriously if you have no prior experience with Linux then red hat is the best for you this this distro is the most user friendly and the most supported one driver wise and hardware wise therefore it is easier to configure, i personaly started out with red hat and then went on to some more advanced and more powerful distros with less and less user frienldly GUI's these days when i try and run linux I only really use the CLI where possible as my linux machinve is mainly used for routing and firewall purposes but for you get red hat with the KDE GUI, it is the most user friendly linux that i know of and its it 10 times more powerful and stable than ANY windows ever

    Hope that helps a bit

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    The best one is Mandrake you can download the newest mandrake which is 9.1 off there site

    I like it a lot except there combatability issues with it so its takes a long time to adjust.

    Linux mandrake uses KDE and Gnome GUI which are both nice and easy to get used too.

    If you use KDE u use Konquerer internet browser which is really nice and simple to use. I used KDE most oftne so i cant tell u much about the Gnome GUI.

    If i were u just install on a second partitiion and try it out.

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    Thanks for the comments

    If I were going to install Linux to try it and then switch back to Windows, how would I do that?

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    Originally posted by CJC@3 April 2003 - 03:35
    Thanks for the comments

    If I were going to install Linux to try it and then switch back to Windows, how would I do that?
    first move ever thing off a partishion so u can use that hd space
    then when u install linx use the the partishioning software that will start with the install to deleat that partishion and makit a linux partishion and install it there

    then u can ether boot to linux or windows on the same comp when ur done checking it out if u want to remove it use the linux partishioner that came with ur distro to delaet the partishion that linux is on and use fdisk to make it a regular window type partishion again
    ie a fat 32 or ntfs

    if u only have 1 partision u will need to use something like partision magic to shrink the partishion u have now and leve some unused space on the hd to make in to a linux partision 600Mb is probly enuff but if u got the space id make it bigger a few gigs would be great

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    thanks.. but what is a partishion

    ps. isnt there virtual machine software or something?

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    Sorry but i have to do this. Partishion = Partition. Most folk speak like that when they are drunk, the english folk will know what i mean

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    Aren't there some distros that do the partition automatically during installation, I think MaxOS does, but I'm not sure. Check out this review. I'm not sure if this OS is out yet though. Good luck.

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    How do you make a partition?


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