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Thread: What happened to

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    Does anyone know?

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    It's back up... sorta
    so wtf happened? it all started when dow found out the mysql tables were corrupted again. so dow stopped apache and run myisamchk -r on the myi files .. and then tried to start apache. but it wouldn't' start >_<. so dow asked some people to help out, one of the solutions he tried was running a program called yum (variation of up2date). yum isn't a bad program, but it had a bug with rh9 that dow didn't know about. apparently if you run rh9 and up2date, it actually downgrades glibc to version 2.x or something like that. the end result is a broken computer =(

    dow tried using the bug reported solutions but they failed and since dow did not have direct access to the box, he had to reload (reformat) the os. in dow's preperation to reload the os, dow copied the mysql MYI files BUT forgot to copy the MYD and frm files =( ; the conclusion? dow lost all the mysql data. that means basically all the forums, wallpapers and torrent data are gone. I don't even have a table sql dump. if dow is to be called baka, then it is ok because it is bad for dow to not even have a secondary backup.

    so what happens now? dow will try to get a working version of the torrent search up and will find out how to get the rest of the site working.. but dow is busy with school. how much did all of this cost? a lot, the osreload was around estimated $125, and software management around $100. money loss from lack of ad revenue is around $50 a day, so around $250 lost now. sigh. dow is sad =(
    in the meantime:


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