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Thread: Save as for a movie

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    Hell just can't get any full dvd fims the easy way with out downloading software first and there is allways something in the software like hidden spy ware why can't there be a server where one can just right click and save as'
    This file shareing crap i can not stand i would pay for a dvd rip if it was with
    only windows software and no other software download first ?????????

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    lol, you need a filesharing program to download movies for free
    Why do you think that there are no open FTPs? hmm because its illegal??

    If you check this forum you will notice many programs dont have adware/spyware

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    the poopdeck
    i download films with a simple "right click>save as" every day. . .

    EDIT: right now i just finished watching an old Steve Reeves movie
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    I book marked that site Vargas..some good stuff on there

    @gear jammer, browse the forum and see if you change your mind about filesharing.


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