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Thread: another cant play this thread

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    i visited a website and i cant seem to play a friend tells me its quicktime,but i cant seem to play it.its odd because my friends has klite codec pack cuz i installed it for him.i dont remember wat version but its not the latest one.i on the other hand have the latest pack.mega codec pack that is 1.18.can anyone help plz.

    thats the file i cant play.thx in advance

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    plays fine here in MPC. Irfanview, QT and VLC
    funny gspot sez unknown filetype, but was able to render it:
    DSH	4CC	QTMovie
    FIL	Company Name
    DSH	DirectShow CLSID	{52B63861-DC93-11CE-A099-00AA00479A58}
    REG	Driver File	C:\WINDOWS\System32\
    FIL	File Description	3ivx D4 4.5.1 Pro DirectShow Media Splitter
    FIL	File Version	4, 5, 1, 30
    DSH	Friendly Name	3ivx D4 Media Splitter
    - -	Function	Splitter
    FIL	Internal Name	3ivxDSMediaSplitter
    FIL	Legal Copyright	Copyright (C), 1999-2004. All rights reserved.
    REG	Merit	0x00800000
    FIL	Original Filename
    FIL	Product Name	3ivx D4 4.5.1 Pro
    FIL	Product Version	4, 5, 1, 30
    - -	Type	DSH
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    Gspot doesnt work with quicktime files


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