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Thread: Lotr Ttt - 2nd Half Screwed Up !?!

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    Okay so I d'led The Lord of The Ring The Two Towers... its a 2 part one, it was apparently for the academy to watch. I am recording it off to a VCR... and well the first on ws PERFECT !!! But the second one plays about 8 minutes.. then gets to this part where all these squares apper then he palyer will shutdown ... I tried 2 different one... Winows Media Player & SubViewer... So I tried to repair it with the DIVX Repair.. and it wouldn't... And now I copied it back to my hard drive... and the audio is now messed up at that point and about 20 seconds before like is skipping... am I just going to have to delete that whole scene thats messing up ? Did anyone else have this problem.. or is there a better one to d'ld ??? Any info would be very appriciated.. thanks !!! Wait I just played it from the disc and like its audio was fine at that part but its still messed up at that one scene as far a colorful blox go... wait I am gonna copy it to my hard drive.. then decompress it... then check it out.. I'll be back soon...

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    Now the audio is not splochy .. but its still buggin at the one part.. I am gonna go try and delete it then I guess...........

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    Okay so I deleted the messed up scenes... now I am gonna devide it from the nsync to the outta sync... then sync it... and just play and record each file...

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    sounds good. i had the 2 part version and it had the same problem.
    so i downloaded the 3 part version and that one has no errors.
    if all else fails get the 3 part version.

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    I also got the 3 part version. Just watched it on my computer.

    I might burn it to VCDs, but damn wonder how many i'll need.. 4+ cd's required aint worth it cause of the changeing the cds when u want to let your friends watch it and stuff

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    the 3 part version is perfect for vcd.
    each file is one hour and fits on 1 cd
    so only 3 cds total. not too bad

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    DUDE !! The 3 part one sounds PERFECT !!! I am gonna go download it RIGHT NOW !!!

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    Oh and sorry.. I forgot to say.... THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE INFO !!!

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    Yeahd so I dl this 3 parter on.. and theres no audio or video.. I guess I got a fake... .. I chcked it with gspots... but I don't understand it... lol... so um.. I guess I am gonna go dl another one.

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    maybe you dont have the right codecs
    part 1 should be 717,496 kb

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