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Thread: PS2 Game help

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    Hi all,

    (I know what I am doing with dvd rips etc ..... first time I have tried a game and this has me stumped)

    I need some help with something. I have downloaded a .tar file with 33 parts. When I open the .tar there is 33 files. File names are e-cod.001. Usually I would extract one and it would show a bin/cue file. Not so in this case. The files all need to be extracted individually. They appear to be iso files????

    Here is the NFO file if it gives you any ideas

    `- Proudly Presents:

    Game.....: Call of Duty Finest Hour (c) Activision

    Origin...: USA - NTSC - Filename.....: e-cod.001
    Released.: November 16, 2004 - Format.......: Primo DVD (ISO)
    Platform.: PlayStation 2 (PS2) - DVD(s).......: 1
    DVD Info.: 33 RARS x 50 MB - Ripped.......: N/A

    All files seem to be about 50mb ..... what do I do now?

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    You got it off of IRC? They ushaly store it in a TAR with all the rars in it. Just extract the rars, then extract the ISO thats in the rars.

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    Extract the TAR file with Winrar then open the first file with WinRAR it will show an .ISO file extract that then burn it with Nero.

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    See thats just it.

    When I open the .tar file there are 33 files named e-cod.01 - 33 (they are not in .rar format) and an NFO file. There is no file with the extension .iso

    If I open the first file e-cod.01 it opens in a new window and its just script. It doesn't lead me to a .iso file

    Is there something wrong with the file?

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    can I create an ISO file somehow if there is something wrong with it?

    By the way, it is off IRC

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    .01 .001 .rar are all rar files.

    Extract all the rars. Then extract the ISO from the rar.
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    I'm sorry, perhaps I did not explain well enough. I am not sure that the files named 01 - 33 are actually rar files. They do not have the winrar icon next to the file name (as per normal) Also I have extracted the files to a folder, but there is still no evidence of an .iso file. If I double click on the first file in the set (as I normally would) it doesn't open showing me a bin/cue/iso file. It asks me what program I would like to use to open this file .... or would I like windows to find one. There is definately no main .iso file there.

    You said extract the iso from the file??? How I am to do that dependant on the above? I know this might sound silly, but I don't think I am crazy here.

    Screen shot follows to show you what I mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by SingaBoiy
    .01 .001 .rar are all rar files.
    Let me see if I can explain it easier...

    1. Select all the .001, .002... files.
    2. Right-click on them and tell it to "Extract to a Specific Folder"
    3. Then click "OK" in the new window.
    4. When it finished, you will have a new folder with the rar files (.001).
    5. Double-click the first one and tell it you want to open it with WinRAR.
    6. Select the ISO and extract it.

    Did you understand that?

    EDIT: fixed the damn quote.
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    Oh my god, thank you so much! It worked! Your right, I didn't understand what you meant. Piece of cake now! (Now my boyfreind will stop nagging me)

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    No problem
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