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Thread: Is registering a copy safe?

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    I downloaded pinnacle studio version 9 and used a keygen to activate the actual prgram. To use some plugins i need to register the effect pack (using internet connection).

    What im asking is this a safe thing to do? And if anyone knows a way around this could they please pm me.

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    I do it all the time ! Probably not the smartest thing. Example is Zonealarm
    Pro . But how do they know ? But some people get picked for beta testing .

    Edit: Sorry it was an honest request . I sign up with a fictual name, and use a dummy e- mail . Like . Works every time .
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    I usually make every attempt to register the software I use myself as well. Just for cosmetic purposes though. And if the registration process allows for it. Obviously you cannot register applications such as Photoshop or any of the Norton products 2004 and newer.

    They really cannot tell if your registration is actually legit or not. The whole process just runs through a computer anyway. I cannot believe that anyone person actually looks at each entry to verify it. That is unless you are registering with a commonly used key/serial. Even then sometimes those work just as well. Jasc's Paintshop Pro is a great example of software you can register without fear of reprocussion. Hell- just for giggles and yuks, I even called them for technical support... nice people they were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izagaia
    Hell- just for giggles and yuks, I even called them for technical support... nice people they were.

    I callled microsoft back in my naive days - He (John something) immediatly wanted my registration code - i told him i didnt have one. He stated that he could not help me then.
    So i called back - got a different person on the line, and said, my line with john soso was just disconnected - they then proceeded to politly helped me.

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    careful doing that with some programs. i know that when pc-cillin tries to register online & they detect your key is fake you dont get virus updates.

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    registering pirated software.....
    now, i wonder how some of those keys get blacklisted?
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