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Thread: ps2 burning problems

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    i so far burned 2 coasters, MGS3 and Getaway Black Monday
    i burned The Punisher succesfully.
    dont know why, could it be that MGS3 and Getaway are big files...around 4 gigs
    punisher is only 2 gigs.

    i used RitekG04 at 2x on dvd decrypter and NEC 3500

    any utilities i can use to check the quality of the burned disks?

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    he weirdest thing is i just burned Prince of Persia 2 a few minutes ago and it was succesful...the image file for Prince of Persia 2 is 3.5 gigs.

    getaway was 3.9 gigs..MSG3 was 4.3 there a connection here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzNsMaRtGuY333
    getaway was 3.9 gigs..MSG3 was 4.3 there a connection here?
    Nope. Do you have a modchip? Are the games NTSC or PAL?

    Filesize doesnt matter for dvd games (unless its dual layered). Media is good. Burn speed is good. Program is good.

    Alsways keep game burning for ps2 games @ 1-2x.
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    if they are image files burn them by using nero.

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    i used swapmagic and they are NTSC


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