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Thread: LOTR Battle for Middle Earth of Star Wars KOTR2

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    Which of these games would you recommend and would perform well if the pc has the following specs:

    Windows XP Pro
    P4 3.06GHz FSB 533
    Geforce FX 5200 128MB
    16X DVD

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    Thats a really good system apart from your graphics card which is one of the weakest on the market right now. If you are serious about playing games upgrade it.

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    What would you recommened upgrading it too? + Will it run the above games?

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    The card will run the above games but is seriously gonna struggle with any graphically intense games. The two games you have said arn't really pushing the graphical benchmarks like Half Life 2, Doom 3, Far Cry and games like these. What budget are you on or would be willing to spend? A nice card is a Nvidia 6600 GT, or an ATI 9800 Pro.

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    Well at the moment I have 100 pounds. Will that do or do i need to go higher?

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    Ahhh your in the UK, good i was about to quote you some USA prices Well yes 100 is a good ammount, many people expect a good part for half that price. If you have a look at
    Thats 120 and a very good card.

    Your current card:

    EDIT: Before buying anything ask in Hardware world, they will pick out parts that are perfect fo ryour system and budget for you
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    Cool Cheers for that


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