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    i know this is probably a common problem but does anyone know if there are any good copies of the sims hot date out there. iv downloaded like 10. some of them get to the instalation, but will stop when it gets to the cd part or what ever.


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    Always check the verifieds first.

    This has them all.

    I used your post Great Dude, because it has pictures! I like pictures.

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    i donwloaded it from kazaa

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    ello bud,,,i tryed ages ago to get the sims stuff,theres a probblem when it comes to the patching and the cab files,,,,i gave up in the end,,,,the varified,s are good but i think u will find that when u try em ,they will be the same....unless its just a problem with the cd writer u could just be that me and u dont posses the ability to rewrite cd's in cirtain formats and other security mesures....good luck bud

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    Hi Skating Monkey

    I've just downloaded Hot Date Standalone from Kazaa and had it installed in a folder in my C Drive. Had trouble opening it , reason given that the sims.exe is not a valid win 32 application. Frankly speaking I don't know what that means. Anyways, I also downloaded another file called The Sims Hot Date No CD .. I think its a crack. I ran it and after that My Hot Date works ! When I click on the shortcut, it will first ask me for the cd .. I just click on continue and I got thru it.

    I been playing around with it for the past hour , works fine .. Guess I got real lucky there .. So just thought of letting u know that if u wanna play Hot Date you could just get those 2 files from kazaa.



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