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Thread: I need predecrypted roms any help

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    Well I wanna try and play some newer neo geo games on my kawa-x but they need a predecrypted version can anyone help out.

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    apparently kawaks for windows can make decrypted roms, if you use the "Enable save decrypted C's after loading" option. load the encrypted rom and it should save a decrypted one.

    it's not really a big deal for pcs, but neogeo rom decryption requires more memory than xbox can spare.

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    How do I make it so Newer Roms like kof 2003 show up in kawaks do I have to audit or something. Oh and thanks for the help.
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    Alright I downloaded a new version of kawaks v 1.53 and it supports rage of the dragons. Thing is my kawa-X doesnt support rage of the dragons. I even copied and pasted rage of the dragons from kawaks' crlmame and romcenter thing to the kawa-X versions of them.It still doesnt show up,Anyone got any pointers.
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