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Thread: torrent file stuck at 99.94% what to do?

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    I have a torrent file stuck at 99.94% it's been up to 99.98% and gone back down. All sources are either choked or uninterested. Is there anything I can do to be able to finish off the file?

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    Chances are the file is finnished, try un raring it or burning it.

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    how many seeders are there?

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    You may be able to utilize it, depending on file type. If the file is a program, you should probably give up after a few days of retrying and delete the file. If it is a media file (mpeg, mp3, divx), you may try opening it in a viewer anyway and see how it goes.

    It is suspected that this problem is sometime due to the badly implemented preview in the windows XP file explorer. Windows may creates a thumbs.db file in the directory that is being uploaded with bittorrent then not allow bittorrent to access it.

    delete the thumbs.db file (mostly a hidden file)
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    Just try open the file, chances are its finnished, i joint seeded KOTOR2 and it said i was only at 99.2% even though i had the same files and my files worked and extracted into the bin and cues.

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    Go to details and see what hasnt finished.... delete that then restart the torrent
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    tell the person who created the torrent to leave out thumbs.db
    That might have been the problem.


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