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Thread: m3u(playlist) in AudioCD ?

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    Can it be done?, You might know thet m3u is a playlist extention, for example, I downloaded an album that had this file, so when I clicked it it open as if I just had open a CD with media player...
    So, I was wondering, if I put an m3u file along with the tracks in an AudioCD, would it work? or is that absurd?

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    it appears that an m3u only points to the location of the files to be played, so i would guess it wouldnt do anything on a cd, cuz there isnt anything to point to. i had an m3u on my website and if i open it with notepad, it shows the link where the song is streamed from, so no it wont do anything on a cd. also, why would you need the m3u on the audio disc if the music files are there also, wouldnt your cd player just play the tracks anyway?
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