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Thread: Could anyone help me out with a PS2 hd Loader?

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    I've got a PS2 but the DVD drive died a while ago. I just wanna know if the free or paid for version of PS2 HD Loader supports FTP. Can I network from my PC and upload the games direct (like I can with my xbox) or do I need the original disc to copy?
    Failing that, is it possible to rip the games through my PC and put them onto the HD while hooked up to my PC?
    Any links or info would be great.

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    It may be possible, but I haven't heard of a way yet. I do understand you could run a game from ethernet, since the system can transport data back and forth through it while online.. this would depend on your hub speed.. might still lag. The whole situation would be much easier if you could just hook a hd directly to the ps2 using usb. Trick the ps2 into thinking the usb or ethernet connection is a legit ps2 hd.
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    ftp is still hit or miss now, but with a program called winiip you can transfer games from your computer to the ps2 HD, you just have to remove it from the ps2 and throw it in your pc, well I wouldn't throw it but you get the idea
    also you don't even have to buy hdloader if you know someone that alread has a modded ps2, you can load hdloader onto a ps2 memery card
    but thats another thread

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    Can you play imports using HD Loader? I read somewhere you could using that Winiip/HD Loader


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