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Thread: This monitor any good?

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    For about $200.. I sure think it is. What about you guys?

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    i guess it depends what you want in a monitor.
    I still prefer CRT's.
    generally you can get a high-quality, larger-size CRT for teh same price as a low-quality, smaller-size LCD.
    and you'll still get some ghosting & such with most LCD's with gaming.
    unless space is really really really an issue.

    I got this one a couple weeks ago, and couldn't be happier with it

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    i think the opposite - i think LCDs have better image quality: sharper image and higher contrast. Also because the cabinet is much smaller it makes the actual screen bigger a 17" CRT has only a slightly bigger screen than a 15" LCD

    personally, i don't think ghosting is really a problem, you kinda get used to it, even with 25ms monitors

    as for that specific monitor i would be worried about their dead pixel policy
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthInsinuate
    even with 25ms monitors
    And the monitor in question has 12ms

    I would def. get that monitor.
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    Same here Singa. LCD's are way better than CRT's . CRT's just take up too much space! I definetely notice better quality in lcd than big monitors. That Acer moniter is good

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    I don't see a problem with the monitor.

    But I agree with Sparsely, I have the same monitor as him (mine is the 17" version though) and I love it.

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    There is one thing with LCD monitors though.. they don't have unlimited colors O_O


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