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Thread: Search for the clue, find the auction, win $1k. they're giving 25k away a day

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    you don't have to bid! why no replies?

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    so far...
    12 No 2/16 King Arthur; reference to a past president
    11 Yes 2/16 Old Faithful Yellow and blue topaz stone ring
    10 Yes 2/16 1800s express mail Ralph Lauren polo shirt
    9 Yes 2/16 Play the squares or see the stars Movie projector
    8 Yes 2/16 A car or an actor The Fugitive DVD
    7 Yes 2/16 Taxation without representation Antique rose-colored porcelain tea kettle
    6 Yes 2/16 Festivities and pyrotechnics Macromedia Fireworks Flash MX
    5 Yes 2/16 One of Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders Annie Broadway karaoke CD
    4 Yes 2/16 Authored by Jefferson Off-white feather quill
    3 Yes 2/16 Oh, say can you see American flag - New
    2 Yes 2/16 Car lover's paradise Jeff Gordon playing cards
    1 Yes 2/16 Son of a president Bunker Hill Monument postcard


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