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Thread: wanna hear something that sux

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    who me?
    You may remember I was having mobo troubles with the clock changing year to 9999 in windows and 1999 in the bios, well, i finally got an asus tech on the phone and he told me there is a break in the cmos and that the board has to be sent in, and it will be a few weeks till i get it back, so that means no computer, and to top it off, i have to completely strip my box to get it out . Now, i am considering just buying a new one from newegg (i cant live without my puter, its my baby) and just selling the other board when i get it back. Its an asus p4c800-e deluxe, and i think the price is still like 180 bucks. you think i should do it? maybe ill upgrade the whole damn thing while im at it, even tho its only about 10 months old. i so disgusted at this whole thing.

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    Selling it and buying a new board would work out nicely, or you could just upgrade the computer to something newer. depends really on what you want to do.

    another idea would be to buy/find a really cheap like 200mhjz computer for use until you get the motherboard back, but not sure what you want to do on the computer (you cant play games, watch movies, etc. on a 200mhz machine).

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    wanna hear something that sux
    Not really but ok.

    At least you'll get it back fixed. That's not so bad after all.


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