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    Im gonna pay to use there NZB service i think, however there website really isnt that clear. It says 25p a week, great i'll buy a year or that for 13 only thing is it mentions credits. Does this 25p a week let me download as many NZB's as i want?

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    I dont use it but I thought it was unlimited as I cant imagine it not being...

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    I use it
    And yes,you can download as much NZB's as you want.
    You can even customize your NZB's by leaving out the files you don't need like PARs and such.They let you know wetter or not the files came through complete or not.

    This is what you get as a premium meber:
    # Retrieve report NZB (Message-ID) files to aid in the downloading of files from Usenet, as well as creating your own custom NZB (Message-ID) files.
    # The ability to view additional report information, including filenames, header subjects and NFO files.
    # Watchdog - The watchdog is a time-saving utility that will effectively watch all of the posts being created and notify/email you when it finds one matching the keywords you provide.
    # Add Newzbin reports to your Bookmarked Reports for quick reference of the posts you're interested in.
    # The ability to post comments using the Newzbin comment system.
    # Use of in-site Private Messaging to contact other users and site admins/editors.
    # Access to Filters and Grouplists, including custom categories with your favorite groups and the ability to exclude any group or subcategory from listings.
    # Access to our Usenet Files Database, listing every file posted to Usenet in the past 40+ days, fully searchable and sortable. (Note: We do not provide any download services!)
    # Premium members can utilize the Vacation Freeze option to save your hard earned money when you're away.
    # Reliable and quick Customer Service.
    # Any other features we add in future.

    And if you become an editor for them you no longer have to pay for the premium access.
    Haven't tried his myself yet,but they say it's really easy to do once you get the hang of it.And it would only take like 20 minutes a day.

    Right now their newsgroup coverage is 72,8%


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    hmm, 25p isnt too bad at all - like 1 per month i guess - post to say how much better it is than say and nzbzone - what sort of coverage it has
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    Or you could always try out it's a free site that has nzb's. So far they have had everything newsbin and binnews have had that I have wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graveyard88
    Or you could always try out it's a free site that has nzb's. So far they have had everything newsbin and binnews have had that I have wanted.

    Yeah already use that site as well.

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    I have used for quite rawks!

    Peace bd


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