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Thread: Torrentbytes torrentbits2 DOWN?

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    I can get on keeps saying doesnt exist?

    Anyone else got this error?
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    i'm there right now. working fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OASVstar
    I can get on keeps saying doesnt exist?

    Anyone else got this error?
    yep same here...
    EDIT:i can get there by proxy though....hmmm
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    I can't get in also.

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    Working fine for me.

    There's probably been a DNS change, some DNS servers are notoriously slow in picking up these changes. If you can get to it via a proxy (as noted by bluedevil) that's usually a pretty good indication of this problem.

    You should be able to round it temporarily by putting the following line in your hosts file:
    Remember to take it out in a few days or you won't get through if their IP changes again.

    BTW, the name torrentbits2 doesn't seem to be working any longer.
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