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Thread: SHN file? What's this?

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    Recently DLed what I think is a music file (thought it might be video) via bittorent. The folder contained several SHN files. I have tried opening them w/ several different players, but no luck. What kind of files are these, and how can I use them?

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    can you post the complete filename including extention?

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    What are SHNs?
    Shorten (extension .shn) is an audio compression scheme written by Tony Robinson of SoftSound that can compact wav files without subtracting out any frequencies. It's "lossless"- everything in the original wav is there, so that full quality is maintained. For many traders of live music, Shorten files (shns) therefore have an undisputed advantage over "lossy" mp3-format files. A shn file made from a wav is quite a bit larger than the corresponding mp3, with a size perhaps ~50-70% of the orginal wav.

    The whole Faqs on this subject can be found here :
    Open your mind

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    the file name is mmw2001-07-01.dnk.shnf
    not sure what an extention is, sorry.
    this was the txt.file included:
    Medeski Martin & Wood 07-01-2001 Gathering Of The Vibes, Red Hook, NY

    Source: (fob/dfc @35') Schoeps cmc64->Lunatec 316->SBM-1(Oade Mod.)->M1 @44.1kHz
    by Eric McRoberts. Master from M1 used in below transfer. 100 degrees
    on 6'4" pole. Lunatec 316 +28dB, SBM-1 line in at 2.9. Audio Magic
    Apprentice xlr-rca's from Lunatec 316->SBM-1

    Transfer: R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn
    by Eric McRoberts. No normalizing, resampling, or DAE.

    Minor Edits: 5 second start and end set fades.

    ----- Jeff Ishaq's Notes
    * This source is flawless

    * Other Source: MBHO603/KA200N > Sound Devices MP2 > Graham Patten ADC20(48kHz) > dap1 has
    some dropouts in it which sound like transfer-related problems (d1t2 01:22, d1t3 03:01).
    It sounds almost identical to this recording in terms of sound quality, though apparently
    this FOB Schoeps source was 20' closer to the stage than any other mics.

    1. Introduction 00:32
    2. The Lover-> 08:55
    3. Big Time-> 08:35
    4. The Dropper 06:20
    5. We Are Rolling-> 05:53
    6. Wiggly's Way*-> 07:20
    7. Grandma's Hands* 08:25
    8. Hottentot ** 11:43
    9. Buddy Miles Speech 02:20
    10. Blues Jam *** 11:14
    11. Outro 05:49

    * w/ Bruce Hornsby and DJ Logic
    ** w/ John Scofield and DJ Logic
    *** w/ John Scofield and Buddy Miles

    We were about 35' in front of the sbd, center between the stacks.
    All other tapers were no less than 20' behind us.


    *Dankseed Certification received 2001-08-21*
    and posted at
    Listening test performed by *5* danksters

    positive criteria met:
    Tracking- OK
    Seamless and complete- OK
    Lineage listed- OK

    negative criteria met:
    DAE- NO
    Resampled- NO
    Diginoise- NO

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    Thanks. OK, next question: How do I uncompress it?

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    you just need a plugin to play them in winamp nanotec's link will lead you to it.
    or here's a direct link to the plugin for winamp 5.XX

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    thanks a lot vargas... that was a very simple solution. Sounds like these shn.files are kind of a pain in the arse to deal with. I wonder if the quality is that much better. Anyone have a suggestion for a decompression app. to use w/ Win. XP?... looks like SHN2k might be the simplest app. to use w/o installing more and more app.s just to get the decompression tool to work (like MKW.)

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