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Thread: .ccd, .cue, ...what the.......

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    First of all, I've checked the guides on this forum, not helpful (in my case).

    Ok, Im downloading this game, and a few minutes ago I took a look at the file and it turns out there are four files with diferen extentions:
    .ccd, .cue, .img and .sub.
    is it actualy the game? from what I read, I have to burn some of it into a CD, Right?, ok, but, do I burn everything? It might not fit...The guide said I could use Nero, but didnt say how, besides, as I arlready mentioned, there are four files.
    Any personalized info would be apresiated! Thanks guys.

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    All you need to worry about is the .img file. Start Nero Express and choose to burn an image file. Simple as that.

    You can also use Alcohol to burn or mount.
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