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Thread: 1394 crash, why do you think?

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    Ok here is a puzzler for you.
    I have an I/O future (no name brand) PFW310 1394 card that has worked wonders in the past. I built a new computer and now it crashes an editing program everytime i use it. "MS movie maker" will let me encode some video, but gives me a message that it can not encode at full quality.

    If the card can transmit some or any data does it mean that it is not the problem?

    I have decided that it is either the (crappy ECS) motherboard not playing well with the card, outdated drivers for the card (although it just uses the default windows 1394 drivers, so that is probably not the problem) or an IRQ conflict issue.

    But that takes me back to my question if it works on any level could it still have a conflict?

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    Try moving it to another slot.

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    I have tried the second and the third slot with the same results.

    the most desirable slot (slot 1) is blocked by my hulking video card
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