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Thread: How Do I "slow" My Cpu Down For Older Games

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    Been trying to play the "original" Mech Warrior, and my missions are over in a "blink-of-an-eye" Is there a program, or software "setting", that would make this game playable?

    Any hints/tips appreciated

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    There are programs like slow mo that slow down those old dos games We use to play. I would check the abbandon ware sites or do a search.

    I have a AMD duron 900. Not fast by todays standards............... and slow mo or programs like it could not slow down some games enough to be playable.I really wanted to play populous II and could never do it.
    not only that but some of the slow down programs made my system unstable......and I had to learn how to type some dos commands (been years since I used dos) to get some of he programs to work.

    you can start here.

    there are many sites like this that may have different slow down programs.
    do a google search for abandon ware.


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    if i need a change of speed i do it in the bios justset up the speed lower

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    CPUKiller and Turbo work equally well.

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    if you have a newer board, you can just use the inbuilt cpu throttle. From what i gather, this alters the effective cpu speed by changing the fsb. For example, on 166MHz fsb, you cpu speed is 2.17GHz, however on 133MHz, it's only 1.3GHz or so. This can be changed in the advance section in the bios


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