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Thread: Top 10 must-have gadgets

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    Which gadgets are CNET editors raving about? We rounded up the latest and greatest gear for work and play, then narrowed down our list to the top 10 devices you shouldn't go without. After all, it's all about who owns the hottest toys.

    1. Sony PSP
    This is such a must-have gadget, we're giving you time to prepare for its arrival. Hitting the U.S. market on March 24, you'll want the Sony PlayStation Portable because it's so much more than a portable gaming console. It also plays music and movies (including 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio). With its outstanding sound and graphics, a built-in Memory Stick Duo slot, and Wi-Fi, you may want to sell all your other gadgets on eBay and consolidate to just this one.

    2. Motorola Razr V3
    If you want to make an impression but don't want to trade quality for design, look no further than the Motorola Razr V3. Its hot looks and cool features wowed our editors. Squeezed into a razor-thin frame, you get full Bluetooth connectivity, a VGA camera, a USB port, MP3 file support, AOL Instant Messenger, and a Web browser.

    3. PalmOne Treo 650
    Take the cult-favorite Treo 600 smart phone; give it a high-res display, an Intel 312MHz processor, a removable battery, flash memory, an integrated VGA camera with video capability, and Bluetooth; and you get the new Treo 650. And a lot of buzz. Loyal Treo fans have been waiting for their new gadget, and it has arrived.

    4. Apple iPod (20GB, fourth generation) Editors' choice
    Many have tried, but none have succeeded in displacing the iPod from our list of must-have gadgets. We love almost everything about this beautifully designed player, and now with the fourth-generation model, battery life is finally improved. Anyone who doesn't need niche features such as line-in recording or FM radio should appreciate its best-of-breed design and interface; excellent playlist features; clean, configurable sound; and smooth syncing with both Windows PCs and Macs via iTunes.

    5. Nintendo DS
    Gaming on the go just got better with the introduction of the Nintendo DS. With its two screens and built-in support for wireless multiplayer gaming, this portable gaming device is a definite upgrade from the Game Boy Advance. It accepts the newer, smaller DS game cards but is also fully compatible with GBA games.

    6. Swatch Paparazzi
    The Swatch Paparazzi is the latest smart watch to bring your Outlook Calendar to your watch--at the affordable price of $150. You can also receive MSN Messenger messages, get all the information MSN Direct channels deliver (from stock information and sports news to weather updates and horoscopes), and find city-specific entertainment information via the Swatch City channel.

    7. Apple Mac Mini
    It's a Mac for the masses! And it's sleek and tiny. If you've been thinking about switching from a PC to a Mac, the Mini may be for you. Its affordable price includes a 1.25GHz G4 processor, 256MB of 333MHz DDR memory, a 40GB hard drive, a 32MB ATI Radeon 9200 graphics chip, a 24X DVD/CD-RW drive, Panther OS X, and iLife '05. Upgrades to a faster processor, a bigger hard drive, and a dual-format DVD-burning SuperDrive are also available.

    8. Creative Zen Micro (5GB, black) Editors' choice
    The CEO of Creative Technologies recently declared an MP3 war, with his efforts focused on taking down the almighty iPod. We think one of the strongest weapons in Creative's arsenal is the Zen Micro. Those looking for a micro player packed with features will enjoy the Zen Micro's 5 gigs of storage, 10 colors options, FM tuner/recorder, removable battery, and voice recorder--all for $250.

    9. PalmOne Tungsten T5
    The Tungsten T5 is a straight-up PDA that packs a lot of power. Along with its 416MHz Intel processor, you get 256MB of flash memory--the most memory you can get in a handheld to date! Throw in the ability to double as a USB removable drive, Bluetooth, and MP3-playing capabilities, and this is one gadget that won't let you down.

    10. Canon EOS 20D Editors' choice
    Both experienced photographers and beginners will appreciate the straightforward controls and features of the 8-megapixel Canon EOS 20D dSLR. Also included with the high price tag are excellent image quality and low-light performance.

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    Nice gadgets....saw about 4 I would have if I could really splurge without conscience.

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    you must have 2 mobile phones?
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    I'll take one of each please Mr {I}{K}{E}

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    You do know that is all just hype and advertising, right?

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    hate to break it to ya, but I want that hot #11:
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    She's mine
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    am i the only one who find her NOT attractive? her lips are way too big..ugh

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    a well
    Each gadget is more useless vanity than the crap that came before it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n18
    am i the only one who find her NOT attractive? her lips are way too big..ugh
    yea i guess u are the only one that finds her UNattractive

    big lips?
    those arent that big ive seen bigger lips
    but shes a dyme
    her "big lips" are a dyme
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