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Thread: C.A.M. movies rawk!

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    Why do they rule you ask?
    1.Dwnld is fast
    2.their size is small
    3.when watching you feel as if your not alone. learn to diffirentiate between good quality and badquality movies
    5. You appreciate every pixel

    C.A.M. rawks

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    This isan Ode to all those that Risk their lives and Rep and have enough batteries and tapes
    and lack of coughing to film the entire 1/8th ofthe screen
    C.A.M.ers I salute you!


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    DVD movies rawk!

    Why do they rule? you ask?
    1. the shop is just down the road
    2. they take up no space on my hard drive
    3. you can watch in a dark room on your own
    4. you learn how to differentiate between good special features and bad special features
    5. you appreciate things you paid for more

    DVD rawks
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