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Thread: Eminem

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    i have most of his albums so if u want them, email me and ill make sure there downloadable

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    any from infinite or slim shady EP will be helpful

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    I've got them already (most of them)

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    So post it in the verified whereas asking if someone want his albums... EVERY1 WANT HIS ALBUMS.. Shit!

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    Eminem is over hyped...tha man kant rap he is a witeboy

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    ya he cant rap thats why he sells so many albums right

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    eminem CAN rap (remember he was second at the 97 rap olympics). i think he would admit that a large part of his success has been the fact that he is white. however, do you think he would have sold so many albums if he wasn't a good rapper? his backing from dre has obviously helped his confidence, but now with his own label, signing artists like 50 Cent (arguable the best talent at the moment and certainly the hottest imo), g unit and obie trice, his status as producer is becoming apparent. surely artists like 50 wouldn't sign for someone who they don't respect?

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    opivy, I don't know if you noticed, but I think you forgot to close the tags in your sig.

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    Em is tha fuckin shit. He basically revolutionized rap music. Hey Th£ Bo$$, why dont you put your best 2 minute tru freestyle on mp3 and send it to me. Well se if it's anywhere near Em's Skill. Dude that kid can flow ever word he spits and not a lot of rappers can do that.

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    Originally posted by Th£ Bo$$@17 April 2003 - 20:51
    Eminem is over hyped...tha man kant rap he is a witeboy
    ok u r one sad fucked up deaf cunt who doesnt know talent when he sees it
    look how long hes been going
    why is he like if hes crap
    cos hes not
    maybe u should buy his record
    and actually LISTEN to it
    in the thing under avatar says dont player hate
    well u should stop hating eminem
    hes the one makiing mega bucks
    not u

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