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Thread: Extending a Remote control signal reciever into another room?

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    I have a cable box that plays onto my tv and a computer in the office which broadcasts it's input onto 4 different lan computers (29 FPS.. Looks great full screen on all four computers). Now I wonder if I could extend the remote's signal receiver on the box into the office next door using some kind of extra antenna or something. Is this possible? Having two signal receivers would not damage the box? Would be nice for the ability to change the channel in the office as that's were it's broad casted to others here in this insane penny pinching household.
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    is it an IR or RF remote?

    if its an IR, you're pretty much fucked, unless you wanna hang mirrors through your whole house....... and then you still need a good aim, and a powerfull remote to send a signal through the whole house, they usually only go bout 5 meters........
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    No problem if it's an IR remote. Simply use a remote extender or IR repeater.

    These consist of a sending unit and a receiving unit that work via RF. The sending unit takes your IR signal and converts it to RF. The receiver sits by the device you're controlling and does just the opposite.

    You can Google it...


    edit: here's the ones that came to mind when first reading your post...
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