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Thread: help. bittorrent wont work in my college

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    hi, i am in college and bit torrent wont work

    i have tried using a proxy server and i am able to go on the torrent sites but when i start a torrent download, it would just say connecting to peers but it will never connect

    i tried over 50 torrents none of them work

    i tried downloading episode 122 of naruto which mty friend has downloaded and he is getting download speeds at over 400KB for that torrent.

    how do i get bit torrent to work in college

    and please don't tell me to use a connection at another location

    and please don't tell me to just buy the stuff
    and dialup wont wont help

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    your college most likely block the common P2P ports...
    Direct Connect 411 - 413
    Kazaa 1214
    eDonkey 4662
    Gnutella 6346 - 6347
    BitTorrent 6881 - 6889

    do not use any of these ports, instead you will have to configure your client to use other ports, try higher port numbers and be random, but no higher than 65536,

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    The above post might work... But i'd be careful some colleges keep very close eye out for p2p activity and could very well get you thrown out if caught...

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