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Thread: PCI Graphics Cards help

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    My brother bought a Dell PC last year and it doesn't have an AGP slot, all it has one of those Intel integrated chips.
    So I wanted to know a good one to get for around $120.

    So far I found a few at Gateway:
    Leaning toward this FX5500 here's another Ati 9250 256MB
    Are these any good for medium / low settings for games like Half Life 2 Mafia and Prince of Persia.

    Could use some help on better or cheaper cards.
    Any input would be appreciated.

    Intel Celeron 2.4 or 2.5Ghz don't remember
    256MB RAM (Getting another stick also)

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    what type of pci ? is PCI 16X yours? if so...

    I'd try to stay away from nvidia FX cards
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    Quote Originally Posted by Formula1
    what type of pci ? is PCI 16X yours? if so...

    I'd try to stay away from nvidia FX cards
    He said the PC was bought last year so it cannot be PCI 16X (express). It has to be just the standard PCI slot.

    It would help if you have a motherboard model or at least a model nummber for the computer.
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    Nvidia are the only ones to make a DirectX 9 compatible PCI card, AFAIK. You may have problems playing those games on the Ati 9250's.

    Half Life 2 plays very well on reasonably high settings on my FX5200, so it should be marginally better on an FX5500. PoP is ok but on lower settings.

    In any case, 256MB video ram would be a waste, you couldn't possibly fill it at lower settings, and the 9250 is also out of stock.
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