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Thread: App to convert .mp3 to lower bitrate?

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    Jul 2003
    Ive got a cd ( Silverchair - Frogstomp) which id like to make 192 kbp/s from 320 so i can fit the songs on my mp3 or atleast a couple since there isn't much space left on it, which app is best to do this?
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    fkdup74's Avatar Pneuberator.
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    Sep 2003
    just so you know...
    re-encoding could do some bad shit to the quality....

    but...dbpoweramp, EAC, freerip, etc....tons of free ripping tools out there
    hell even WMP may re-encode now
    dbpoweramp is the best way to go though IMO
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    I agree with FKDUP74, dbPowerAMP is the best,
    and is free and easy.

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    Feck, maybe i'll just burn the cd and re-rip it or somethin.
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    If you actually own the CD, I'd re-rip it. At least the quality won't degrade.

    mp3's are already compressed so if you tried to compress it again, well I'm sure you can figure that one out

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    personally i don't think you really lose much quality re-encoding from 320 to 192, but it is nice to own the orginal CD
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