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Thread: Webcam Video Capturing

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    Hey all,

    I have a creative webcam and i want to record some family videos but i cant select the right video codec to the right audio codec after a bit of recording they go out of sync and get wqorse as recording progresses.

    I have the latest K-Lite Codec Pack installed (2.02 Rc4) and have selected various video and audio compression combinations, could one of you lot tell me the best combination of a video and audio codec please ie::

    Video Compression Codec = DivX 5.03
    Audio Compression Codec = MPEG Layer-3

    and so on.......

    Oh yes almost forgot, I would like the video to be as small as possible but of a good quality

    Thanks Alot,

    Holte B)

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    Can someone help me here please ?!?! I did ask politely LOL !!

    Do you need more information if so please ask......

    Holte B)


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