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Thread: Can u get caught using mIRC?

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    kazaaman's Avatar Proud Indian
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    Dec 2002
    Is it possible to get e-mails or sued, or warnings or anything of that matter using mIRC?

    And if there is, what programs are best to protect one's self

    All I wanted to know

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    well the only people that have to worry on IRC are the file servers, there's really no way for the RIAA/MPAA to tell that your atcually downloading from them. unless, of course, they infiltrated the group that run the channel with the intention of loggin everyone that downloads, but i dought that would happen

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    kazaaman's Avatar Proud Indian
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    Dec 2002
    Aiite thanx a lot nsane, took a few worries off. But You can never be too catious......

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    I spoke with someone recently who did get caught on IRC. The MPAA sent a letter to his ISP notifying them. Of course he was sharing as well as downloading so it's hard to say which he got caught for. But yeah, nothing is 100% safe. I don't download movies but IRC is where I get most of my music and i've never had a problem tho.

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    I know a lot of people who use irc (a lot, not just like 100 or so).
    In canada, so take with a grain of salt (our ISPS are normally pretty cool about everything so far here).
    Havnt heard a single thing from any of them with regards to getting "caught".
    The only thing i would stay away from is serving/sharing.

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    If you use the fserve, I think you can look at who is in the queue, who is currently downloading and what they are downloading.

    Though this could be an legit file that happens to be named "latest_movie.avi"
    Though if they joined the queue and downloaded it to confirm then I don't know.
    But I don't think they can tell who is downloading through xdcc.

    Even so, you don't hear of many getting hastle over it, especially as you can set your irc client to automatically receive, and if you leave you computer and a movie is there you haven't requested then it ain't your fault. As long as they haven't seen your request.

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    Well, you'd think that since the RIAA would have to get their fingers into the actual group itself, they wouldn't have much of a legal leg to stand on involving "John Doe" cases. You'd "hope"....

    Oh well, at least we can hope that companies like Comcast, etc. are willing to take them to court over it; I don't particularly enjoy Lard Ulrich bullying me around.


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