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Thread: Need some tips on Speeding up Limewire Pro

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    Hey guys, I've just gotten the new Limewire Pro v4.4.4 but it's probably obsolete by now

    I don't usually get good speeds on it and was wondering if you guys had some tips on how to speed it up.

    I'm on comcast cable 4000k/256k (kinda one sided isn't it) and I'm getting anywhere from 1kbps to my max one time of 121kbps. More often than not i'm around 5-30kbps.

    I have the listen port open 6346 or whatever it is. But is there more I can do? I usually download a lot faster on Bittorrent, like around 380kbps so I know this is not right.

    Can you help me speed up this program? thanks in advance.

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    Dont use the app myself but that port is a common file sharing port and blocked or throttled by some ISP so if it has the option to change it use a random number above 5000 or whatever and the set the forwarding to match and see if that makes any difference...
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    Yep, the latest version is Limewire Pro v4.4.5, which is also probably obsolete by now too, lol.
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    Is there anything else I can do.

    I've changed the port into the 17xxx range. I'm currently getting a file from 4 hosts at 2kbps!

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    no problems for limewire here


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