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Thread: Since I upgraded my AdsL now having trouble with my Mule

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    Just recently upgraded my ADSL from 512k to 2mb
    but now seem to have a problem getting high download speeds than i was getting just yesterday on my slower 512k connection??
    I've increased my limits on downloads to 100kB from 48kB but can't seem to get anywhere near that and the last two nights have maxed on about 15kB's?? Where before sometimes I was getting almost the full 48kB!
    Anyone know why?

    Thought It may be something to do with my ports?
    I clicked on "test ports" button and it says it can't check them and that maybe my ISP has blocked that port or something? So was wondering if when my ADSL was upgraded they messed with it in someway?? Is this something they would or could do?
    What are the best Ports to use?


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    remember that speed depends on uploaders. so its possible that there werent much people sharing.

    doesnt matter what port you use as long as your router has the same port portforwarded
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    Make sure to forward ur ports on ur router and open them on ur firewall
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    I don't use a router, I use an USB Adsl modem (Speedtouch 330)
    And haven't adjusted any settings though.

    p.s. Tonite my max upload has been maxed at 14kB but my MAX download has been 3.75kB!!!!!!!! DAMN
    That has been in about 5 hours so far!

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    i would change the ports altogether.
    use something odd.
    some ISP's do, in fact, monitor, limit, or block traffic on default emule ports.
    I'm currently using 9662 and 9672
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    Thanks Sparsely, Just out of interest what ADSL you got and do you get good speeds?

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    Yeah, Fish, I have similar problem.
    My ADSL upgrade is not that spectacular tho, from 150 to 256kB lol . But the problem the same. Before I'd go at top speed allowed with my connection : 15 KB/s, now it's down to dialup modem speeds of 5 KB/s, both DL and UL !
    Tried changing ports once, no change, tried upping number of concurrent TCP connections from SP2 default 10 to 50 with this patcher found on another thread here , but no change.
    I have this sneaking suspicion that it is ISP getting wise and somehow capping the speed on eMule, coz when I download stuff from sites it goes at decent 25-30 KB/s. It must be something to do with ports, me thinks, but then I'm no way an expert...
    Any ideas, help very appreciated.

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    dont use the default ports. Many ISP limit those. Pick a random high number.
    blah blah blah... whatever...


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