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Thread: Target Stores View Of Veterans

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    Below is an excerpt of a forwarded e-mail I recieved yesterday. I was truely offended and outraged when I read it, as i am sure you will be.
    At first, I thought this was some kind of a bad joke.. until I checked with MY local Target store..and was told the same thing.
    So, I decided to share this with my fellow veterans and their families.

    Viet Nam Veterans Association
    by Dick Forrey

    We asked our local Target store to be a sponsor of the Viet Nam Memorial Wall during our Spring recognition event.

    We recieved back a reply from Target management that "veterans do NOT meet our area of giving" "We only donate to the areas of the arts,social actions,gay and lesbian causes,and education"

    My thought: If the Viet Nam Veterans Wall and veterans in general,do not meet their donation criteria,something is wrong at Target.

    We were not asking for thousands of dollars,not even hundreds,but simply sponsorship of endorsement for a "memorial remembrance"

    As follow-up, I E-mailed their Corporate headquarters, and their response was the same.

    Personally, I will NOT be purchasing anything at Target stores again.

    If the Viet Nam veterans, or veterans in general do NOT meet their area of giving, then why should I, as a Viet Nam veteran, spend my hard earned money in their stores?

    Please pass this on to as many people as you can.

    Veterans Helping Veterans

    PS: Target will also NOT allow the Marines to collect for "Toys For Tots" during the holidays.

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    So you added it in a spam fashion ? or was this forum playing up ?

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    Originally posted by alan36uk@3 April 2003 - 18:04
    So you added it in a spam fashion ? or was this forum playing up ?
    Sorry if you consider the post SPAM.. I posted it here for informational purposes ONLY. The letter was posted exactly as I recieved it (less the 250 forwards) I would like to make it clear that I am NOT requesting any action or contribution from any member, or even a response, for that matter.

    While I did not author that particular letter, I do agree with the authors opinion, you may not, and that is certainly your right. I feel that there are alot of members (veterans) here that would share the authors opinion, in that they would also not want to support a company that does not give them any recognition or support for the sacrifices made on the behalf of others..I am not soliciting a contribution.

    I now feel that I have clarified my intent. If any Forum moderator feels that I have wrongly posted my opinion here, then please remove the post.

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    Originally posted by alan36uk@4 April 2003 - 00:04
    So you added it in a spam fashion ? or was this forum playing up ?
    Hey Fatal Error...This forum has gone mad !!
    I never wrote that at all ?
    Did someone hack my account ?


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