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Thread: Linux On X-box Guide? Please Help

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    im looking for a good guide that explains everything need to install linux on the x-box...also looking for a copy of linux for x-box

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    See Xbox Linux Project for details regarding Xbox and Linux. Or jump straight to the Getting Startedpage.

    Check Verifieds for Linux or run a search.
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    im not looking for the normal linux theres a speacial linux for x-box...that was made just for xbox and i think i've seen those site but im looking for an all in on guide the will tell me everything and what programs and files i need

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    i read it again thanx that should help anyone else have any info that might help??? also in that artical it said x-box can't read cd-r's????i don't understand my x-box reads cd-r's just fine?

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    First of all for the most off them u will need a mod chip to run linux on it (ILLEGAL)
    or there is one i have heard that takes advantage of a good old buffer overflow so u can run code not digitaly signed by microsoft- but im not sure where i read this i will take a look thru my history for u

    but once u create the buffer overflow then u can run ANY code not digitaly signed by microsoft so any distro of linux should be fine

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    follow the guide on the site above and you should be fine running linux. That buffer overflow in 007 means you can now run linux with a unmodded x-box.

    If your x-box has been modded then there is an easy way to run linux.

    sourceforge try there that is where you will find the x-box version of linux.

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    wat are u trying to do take the parts!?!!?!? lol

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    ok cool i'll look around see what i can find...I heard there was a site that sold premoddified x-box's with linux does anyone know a site that sells them cause i'd like to check it out....Also are there pics of the Evo X dashboard and with linux installed on the x-box??

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    Does anyone one know if theres a site that sells xboxs moddified and has linux preinstalled???

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