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Thread: Japanese torrent sites?

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    I've seen a few Chinese torrents sites that have a lot of great new files available, but I have yet to be able to find any Japanese torrent sites. Does anyone know of any? Thanks

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    Chinese torrents sites

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    Well, thanks for the reply, but my point seems to have been lost on you...

    so I'll repeat: I've found plenty of Chinese sites. I'm looking for JAPANESE sites. The reason is, that I can read some Japanese, but I can't read any Chinese. Also I'm looking for files that are in Japanese as well... some of these sites DO have some Jp. files on them, but I assume a Jp. site would have many more. Please don't post me anymore Chinese sites... unless they have a Japanese page as well.

    Anyone know of any? Thanks

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    here`s the one might help U, I hope. ^_^// check this out!!

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    Thanks Eri. This is more like what I'm looking for.


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