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Thread: The Tempations

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    i was wondering if anybody could give me some information on the temptations(songs, time era, etc) a buddy of mine gave me a burnt cd with many songs that i know and enjoy but i for some reason do NOT believe they are all the temptations(kazaa isnt always right, ya know) but ive been searching on different sites such as and what i find doesnt help me much . . . here are some of the songs from the cd . . .

    -build me up buttercup
    -my girl
    -no river high enough
    -grapevine (not the stones?)
    -brown eyed girl (not morrison?)
    -lean on me
    -stand by me
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    Heard it Through the Grapevine was done by CCR first, then Marvin Gaye. Here is a pic of all the Temp songs i got, most are by the original Temps.
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    but..i can take some guesses....

    Lean On Me - Bill Withers
    Stand By Me - Ben E. King
    Boardwalk - The Platters
    No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & (Tammi Terrell?) and possibly the Supremes
    Build Me Up Buttercup - Franki Valli?
    cant remember who did Shout (The Isleys?)

    I dont think the Temptations ever did Brown Eyed Girl either
    (and i think grapevine was gaye then CCR)

    go to the link above and serach for "emperors of soul"
    its a five disc set i got that i THINK covers just about all of the temptations
    i dont think they ever covered any of those songs
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    thanks, i didnt think those were the temps


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