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Thread: PSP Internal 50gig

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    Holy shit, dont know how there going to do it, but i cant wait.

    One speaker (Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities) at the “Positioning for Profitability in the Video Game Economy” conference we attended yesterday let on that he had heard that $ony is working on a flavor of the PSP that includes an internal, 50-gigabyte hard drive. A prototype of the new portable might be out by year-end, but mass production of the new device probably would not happen until next year, he said. Could this mobile multimedia device viably challenge the iPod?
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    RUMOR #2: Sony is working on a spicy new PSP that will feature an internal 50 gigabyte hard drive.

    Source: Rumor fire-stoker

    The official story: "We have not changed the specs of PSP, please see the release dated 2/3 with a list of specs of PSP for the North American launch."--Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson.

    What we heard: According to, the PSP may be goin' all iPod up in here. Its article says that at a recent conference, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter "let on" that he heard Sony was designing a PSP with an internal 50-gigabyte hard drive, thus immediately brewing comparisons to Apple's iPod MP3 player. The idea of a hard drive also lends credence to Sony's earlier admission that downloadable games may be a possibility in the future. Too bad, then, that Pachter didn't let anything on. "I said that 'if' Sony were to put a 50GB hard drive in the PSP, it would be an iPod killer," he told GameSpot.

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    I doubt it's real


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