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Thread: Splinter Cell!

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    i just recently download a splinter cell file that is supposed to be the full game, it's a .exe file. when i double click it, a dos window pops up and disapeaers, i thought maybe it could be an image file but who knows? does anybody else have this file, and if so how does it work? i download a .bin to .iso converter, was a good thing to download that if i hve nero burning rom? and how big are the cue files?

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    download the 1 from marine289, thats a perfect working 1

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    Or try to rename the .exe in .zip This has worked for me several times b4...

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    Or maybe its simply a fake... give the hash of the file u hav.. try to d/l the .bin works really good, but b4 installing verify the 3 files w/ cdmage... =] :teehee:


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