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Thread: Solaris 10 How to Install

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    I have downloaded the 5 iso's and using command prompt i converted it into one. Now i have burnt it onto dvd and now how do it install it. Once i loaded into into the drive a box opened showing all the files on the cd. Which one do i go to to install. + do i need to install exceed before i can install solaris.


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    put the DVD in the drive and reboot.
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    will it uninstall windows xp if i do that

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    I done the boot up thing and i am presented with 4 options which of theses do i go for?

    1) Solaris interactive
    2) cannot remember what is what
    3) Something about desktop session
    4) something about console session

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    is this the x86 install( i doubt your using a sparc box)

    i would look at dual booting with xp if you want to keep it.


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