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Thread: Splitting video

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    This must have been discussed before.

    Basically, I am looking for a video splitter software that can split .mpg .wmv or .rm ....

    And where can I get it for free.


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    numba1xclusive's Avatar Xclusive Gangsta
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    just get either Camtasia STudio Demo, its for 30 days but.. ..hehehhe...or if ur a pro get Adobe Premiere, and thats also a demo but .LOL

    Da Numba1Xclusive King

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    Easy video splitter as well, 30 day trail, but that can be taken care of too. :-p
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    Using Easy Video Splitter also...

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    can I use Adobe Premier for splitting .wmv videos???

    I tried to use Premier once, did not have a clue how to split videos. Easy Video Splitter is much easier. But it crashed every time i want to split



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