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Thread: Burning .bin files if they too big on nero

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    hi , first time posting so don't be too rough, and yes i did use the search function, okay here my problem i downloaded a game that has .bin a and .bin b
    (.bin extension a/b name) they both over 750mb. and when i try to burn them useing nero it goes over my limit and into red, so my question is do i just put it on dvd-r will it work the same?

    also i'm kindof confused i looked thru forums about burning .bin files and some people said you don't need a .cue file and others said you need it can someone clear this up for me? thx in advance.

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    Open Nero, at the top go RECORDER>>>BURN IMAGE and then select the CUE file (yes you do need it but they can be recovered and created easly).

    Make sure the CUE and BIn are in the same folder and then this will work.

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    A cue file is a set of instructions for burning an image file.

    A bin file is an image file.

    Nero can burn an image file without need of a cue file I cannot remember the settings. I did it once out of necessary along time ago. I learned how-to by Googling for it.

    I've never burned more than one image file onto a DVD. I suppose it would have to be a multi-seesion type so you would burn 1 and then the other onto the same blank DVD. But make sure you check your preference settings (click file>preferences>expert features). Enable overburning and tick the "enable operation of short lead-out"
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    k thx i'll try that when i get home.

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    You can burn image files onto a DVD, but not with "Nero Image Burning", just use "Data DVD" on Nero, and just burn the Image files as data, so then you can just right click your virtual drive, and then navigate to the dvd, and mount. Or you could try overburning, if your drive supports it, and overburn each BIN file onto a CD-R. Search the forum about "overburning".


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