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Thread: Adding ram from one comp to another

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    I have an old computer with 127 ram and a fairly new one which good specs. Now is it possible to take the ram from the old comp and place it into the new computer or do you have to install stuff.


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    I highly doubt it would be worth it for a number of reasons:

    1) That 128mb of ram is likley to be say 2 sticks of 64mb.
    2) It will be extreamly slow ram, and would mess up any dual channeling you've got going.
    3 Motherboards either have 2, 3 or 4 slots to place ram in, depending on how much ram you currently have depends on how much space you have left. Give us your motherboard detials and we'll see how many slots you have.

    Basically its not gonna be worth it and if your dual channeling it might reduce proformance.

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    how do i find out my motherboards details

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    Look at it (and write down the model name and number), use AIDA 32 or check the makers website if it was a prebuilt model (such as an Dell 8000 ot whatever).

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    Alternatively, you could open the case (now would be the time to blow out the dust bunnies), find the motherboard's model number and then Google it.
    You can bypass the drilldown through the middleman's website and go directly to the horse's mouth.

    Which, come to think about it, is an odd place to seek information on computer specs, but you'll have that from time to time.
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