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Thread: Need For speed underground 2 pc.

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    okay i downloaded both discs useing mirc. burned them both in alchoal 120%

    put in disc 1 pushed play

    said to put in disc 2

    Put in disc 2 said incorrect disc put in can anyone tell me what is going on thx.

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    guess noone knows oh well.

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    Try mounting the images?

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    useing that guide what does mounting mean anyway?

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    Mount with alcohol 120%

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    that's what i originally used in that guide i did it step by step.

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    umm install the crack!

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    Yeah you should use the crack. And you probably didnt burn them right. The cd's have a protection on them, probably Safedisc 2. You would have told alcohol to burn with this protection, or whatever one it uses.

    EDIT: You didnt state that you installed it..You did install it..right?
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    If its cracked you wouldnt need to edit Achohol's protection settings and its protected by SafeDisc 3.

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    can someone post a how to how to uninstall the protection i'd really appreciate it , and yes i did install it but useing only what the guide said.

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