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    It seems like the Zoom player is a popular way to watch your movies. I agree and I like it.

    Does any one use zoom player to watch movies on their TV and use a remote control to control the Zoom player?

    I have an x10 entertainment anywhere setup which lets me control my RealOne player. but I can't get it to work with the zoom player.

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    Actually healimonster I never heard of it myself, is it something I have to pay for and install or is it a program of some sort?

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    this is interesting a remote control for software on ya pc....more information plz...
    and zoom player is the best media player

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    i use zoom player and it is a excellent player with enormous amount of optinons but im not really sure ur able to control remotely.

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    Oh yes you can use a programmable remote to control certain programs. But you obviously do need some hardware and software.

    I am using a product from it has something called a firecracker receiver and I can control RealOne to a certain extent from another room.

    The software lets you customize it to work with other players (in theory) basically what happens when you have this remote software running it converts the information it receives from the serial port and converts it to a keystroke. Most media players have keyboard functionality.

    Zoom player suggests (in its FAQ) that it works with girder. Apparently a popular remote control program. Girder needs some form of receiver and remote as well. But I don't know what it is and how much it costs exactly.

    I guess the idea of using a remote for your media players is not as wide spread with you tech nerds/gurus as I thought. Thats like owning a VCR without a remote.


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