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Thread: KOTORII Ending...possible spoilers..

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    Wow that a peice of shit talk to that old bag, she dies, then u flyout of malachorV and games over....could have bin alot better...

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    is everything.
    Doesn't the game have alternative endings?

    Maybe you did real crap at it and thus got a crappy ending? Personally I got bored of attention span isn

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    I think the ending owned
    Im abit disappointed in Nihilus tho, he was portrayed to be the villain of the year, then whoops he got owned in 5 hits.... :p
    I think it was an interesting twist to see Darth Traya, the story is soo much better and more indepth than #1.
    In #1 it was like "heres the bad guy, btw you used to be evil". Im not saying #1 was bad, hell no it ruled too, but Im saying that #2 was just so much more.

    And the only alternative endings Im aware of is LS/DS, where LS get to hear predictions of LS things, and vice versa.
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    Gotta agree with Guyver in part. It was a decent ending, and a bit more than a few games nowadays have. But in context to that of the original KOTOR, it was a little disappointing

    Then again, the same thing could be said about the whole story for KOTOR 2 - It was good, but not as good as the original's. KOTOR 1 was more about saving the galaxy though, KOTOR 2 was more spiritual as in finding out who you are.

    Funny you should mention Nihilus though - I was expecting to see someone familiar under the mask and was waiting to see the face. Bugger all was shown, (though my expectations of seeing Jolee as Nihilus was a little far-fetched) .

    As for the ending, it's pretty much one - Good or bad, kill Kreia/Darth Traya - Same person, different intentions. And the ending was a little anti-climatic

    However to be fair, I did enjoy the involvement of past characters Carth was good as a pursuing Admiral, Bastila IMO should have been in more, Canderous I didn't notice as Mandalore until he mentioned Clan Ordo . T3-M4 I could have done without TBH, but HK-34 was once again humorous (especially when the Pacifier upgrade is installed )

    There was rumours that another planet was missed out due to development constraints that had answers to a lot of things - Let's hope they put it in like Yavin at a later date. Until then, it seemed a lot like KOTOR was Saved By The Bell and KOTOR 2 was The New Class


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